BusCARD: multifunctional integrated IT system whose primary goal is to automate payment, increase the efficiency of public and suburban transportation systems management, cost control and increase the quality of service for public transport users.

Automatic ticketing system is based on the identification of passengers via contactless smart RF card in which memory stored data indicates the type of ticket and subscribed driving for specific city and suburban relations and which enables a simple and quick identification of all participants within the system, both passengers and employees (drivers, controllers, administrations and other employees).

The contactless card is the most appropriate media for identifying the persons as it increases the passenger passage at the entrance of vehicle since it is enough to stick the contactless card to the recorder (even with the card in the wallet). Based on the data from the card, validator either accepts the passage of passenger or refuses to accept the card. The system allows issuing of single paper tickets or multiple contacless cards so that BusCARD supports pre-paid cards that are limited in a given time period (such as a replacement for a monthly demonstration tickets), tickets limited by a cash amount or number of driving in a particular zone or combination of previous types of the cards. A special type of card is created for employees who use the card for the purpose of registering working time or access control to certain areas.


RFID wireless data tranfer technology using radio waves is used to identify system users. The contactless RF smart card is based on MIFARE and thermorewritable technology and nowadays most promising media for identification in mass control of public transport passengers. Enough memory, embedded protection mechanisms, the ability to erase and rewrite the visible data to the entire surface or one part of the card and an affordable price make these card ideal choice for application in access control systems, electronic payment via e-wallet, etc.

NFC technology presents new standards related to RFID technology and enables easier payment and use of cards in the public transportation system, while providing greater data transfer security.

GPRS and GPS technology – in addition to computers and validators, a communication-navigation module that integrates GSM/GPRS/GPS functions is installed in each vehicle. This device achieves communication between equipment installed in the vehicle and a central server via GPRS connection, and the GPS system can instantly locate the vehicle with the help of digital map and automatic announcement of arrival at the next station. Throughout this device, all messages about computer transactions (ticket sales in the vehicle) and validator (cancellation of contactless smrt cards) are transmitted.


-issuing, programming and ticket selling,

Ticket design and sale equipment is installed on the bus station booths and consists of PC POS card issuing devices. Via contactless smart card programmers are programmed with appropriate data for each passenger and tickets can be purchased at the cashiers of carriers, cash dispensers and kiosk equipped with pre-paid cards chargers.

-monitoring the use of passenger tickets in vehicles

Vehicle ticket sales and control equipment is installed in all carrier vehicles and consists of central computer and validator of contactless cards that allows purchase and check of the ticket card's validity, and cancellation control of the contactless smart card is entrusted to the controllers using the portable handheld terminal and thermal printer for easy control of tickets, issuing penalties...

-collecting data from vehicle equipment

The system provides high-quality, fast and cheap data collection from vehicle equipment in the way that informations about sale/cancellation of tickets are transmitted in real time to the IT system.

-tracking the current vehicle location on the digital map

Current location and tracking of vehicle movements is enabled via satellite GPS technology and You can locate a specific vehicle at any moment and allow you to show the historical movement of vehicle on the vector map, find out driving speed and check if the vehicle is running on the timetable...

-generating reports and statistics on the number of passengers carried

The system enables display of statistical reports based on data stored on the system server, sales of tickets on pay desks and in vehicles and cancellation of vehicle tickets, the work of controllers from whose reports we can get the number of passengers transported per line, departure, vehicle...

-fueling records and vehicle costs tracking

BusCARD system enables efficient control of fuel tanking aggregates as well as fuel consumption monitoring per driver and vehicle and it provides a simple and cost-effective way to optimize fuel consumption.

-voice announcement of bus stations in vehicles

BusCARD system enables the upgrading of equipment in vehicles with the option of textual announcements (via text captions dynamically changing on the LED display mounted in the vehicle) and voice announcements of the arrival of vehicle to the next bus stop.

-announcement of arrival of vehicle at the station

The system allows the installation of a large LED display at the bus station and important bus stops where the arrival of the bus to the station would be automatically printed and information to passengers for how long first vehicle arrives at the point would be provided.

-emloyee time records and pass control