BusCard VIEW: The system of video surveillance in public transport vehicles enables real-time video and audio signal monitoring, real-time tracking of the vehicle, and review and update of recordings.

System of video surveillance is fully integrated into the BusCARD system, and with video and audio surveillance, the content is recorded on the HDD and remains stored for forty (40) days when the carrier has the ability to preview archived video/audio tracks, cut and copy recorded notes and analysis of relevant events.

The BusCard VIEW system undoubtedly shows a number of advantages, as travelers feel safer, as well as bus drivers, recording the interior prevents any form of vandalism, controlling driver behavior as well as passengers, reducing the number of false passenger falls and seeking compensation from Insurance, not stoping on the bus stops...

At the Traffic Center, an operator can at any mom activate direct image and sound transfer from any bus on a large format monitor screen, track real-time events in the vehicle as well as track vehicle position on the map, and in case of incident, take the prescribed activities. Vehicle tracking informations, or their position, are also available to travelers thanks to a sophisticated smartphone application.



- BusCard integration
Complete integration into BusCARD at the SQL database level

- ON-LINE Review
video and audio signal monitoring in real time

- ON-LINE position of the vehicle
tracking the position of the vehicle on a map in real time

- OFF-LINE Review
an overview of archived video/audio tracks and vehicle positions

- OFF-LINE analysis
analysis of alarms and events in the vehicle by time and location

- Video edit
editing; preview, crop and copy recorded notes

- Automatic preview
connecting to a vehicle by activating an SOS alarm or a G-sensor

- ON-LINE data transfer
via 3G GSM and WiFi WLAN connectivity

- OFF-LINE transmission
replacing a tray with a HDD and a USB 2.0 connection via the SD memory card reader or Ethernet cable