Card control is performed by a control device. It is possible to control Mifare and paper cards. Mifare card control is performed by putting card on a card reader. For a control of paper tickets, you need to read the abr code that is printed on it.

During card control, data is displayed on the device screen and besides the visual signal, an audible signal indicates whether the card or the ticket ir correct or incorrect. In case of the Mifare cards, besides the data, the user image is also displayed for the purpose of simpler and more efficient verification of the identity of person to whom the card belongs.

If controller catches a passenger in a misdemeanor, it is possible to print a penallty ticket via control device or charge an additional ticket or sell a passenger a ticket missing for the current ride.

For correct card control, the controller logs on to the device using his personnel card. When entering the bus, controller puts his card on the driver's computer to take over all the information needed for control and then logs on to the controller's device. After the shift is over, data is tranferred from the device to the main database that is connected to the rest of the system for controlling the controller operation.

In addition to card controls, the controller can also check the timetable on the controller's device.