Video Surveillance System in tourist semisubmarine

Published: 15.8.2018.

Video Surveillance System in tourist semisubmarine

In 2014 Penta`s BusCARD VIEW system - video surveillance system which was successfully installed in buses of several carriers, was also perfectly installed as a surveillance system in semisubmarines in the area of Porec, Rabac, Mali Losinj and in February 2015 semisubmarine with Penta's video surveillance system was delivered in the far Thailand.

Delivered MDVR sets consist of a four-channel digital video/audio recorder, HDD, 3G UMTS/HSDPA module, GPS module, G sensor, cable set, antenna and four (4) CCD camera, of which two (2) are waterproof.

Also, system includes software, PENTA FLEET MDVR application which allows online view of the video in real time, monitoring vehicles on the map in real time, archived video and positions view, video editing (preview, cutting and copying of recorded media).

Two cameras were installed at the outside (waterproff), and the other two inside a submarine to record events and to ensure passenger safety.

It should be noted that these semisubmarines are croatian product and it`s becoming very attractive along the coast, but also more interest is shown by far countries. These submarines enrich tourist offer by attracting the attention of local and foreign visitors and providing them an unforgettable experience of sea life as they are traveling by real submarine.