Testing of BusCARD equipment of the GPP Osijek has been completed

Published: 20.8.2020.

Testing of BusCARD equipment of the GPP Osijek has been completed

Based on the signed Framework Agreement and within II. phases of modernization and improvement of the electronic ticket sales and control system of GPP Osijek, testing of ticketing equipment in the vehicle was conducted.

Testing of new ticketing equipment of the latest generation, which includes driver computers, ticket validators and authorization communication devices, was successfully completed at the end of July on all bus lines on which GPP performs public city transport. This equipment will be installed in twelve (12) new buses, while all other public transport vehicles will be equipped by the end of 2020. The novelty of this ticketing system, according to the request of the carrier, is that there are no more exit validators as in the previous system, but all actions are performed upon entering the vehicle. In the BusCARD system that is delivered, the latest safety standards are implemented, it offers precise and relevant data in the background, and passengers, as well as employees, do not hide their satisfaction with the new BusCARD information system. They find it attractive, fast, and easy to use. User data is completely secure and in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The project of modernization of the ticketing system in GPP is extremely complex because the technological upgrade takes place in parallel and the operation of the old system is supported, without the users feeling the mentioned transition.

We would also like to point out that GPP is an example of good practice for public transport carriers because it has decided to replace obsolete equipment with new, more modern, more functional ones, all with the aim of improving passenger transport services, which will ultimately lead to increased use of public transport and better cost control.  Despite the unpredictable year and lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, passengers are returning to last year's figures thanks to the high quality of service, modernization of infrastructure as well as ticket sales and control systems.