Park & Ride: an integrated service combining parking with public transport

Published: 26.6.2024.

Park & Ride: an integrated service combining parking with public transport

From June 1, it is possible to buy an integrated monthly ticket to park at the Gregovica parking lot and use public transport in Pula. According to the Client's requirements, Penta made it possible to create and check monthly cards in buses for drivers and passengers who want to park at the P&R Gregovica parking lot and then continue their journey on local city and suburban lines to the city centre and back.

The Park&Ride system is a novelty in Pula that connects the service of parking a personal vehicle in the parking lot and bus transportation, all in order to reduce traffic jams in the city centre. The basic intention is to enable the purchase of a monthly integrated ticket to park a personal vehicle at the Gregovica parking lot and the continuation of the journey to the centre of Pula and back using bus transportation. For the above, the existing lines of public city transport will be used, which already operate next to the above-mentioned parking lot, with over 80 departures on a weekday. The P&R Gregovica parking lot has a capacity of 500 parking spaces and is located 150 meters from the Gregovica bus stop.

Transportation is possible only on certain Park&Ride regular lines and at certain Pulapromet stops. All stops are additionally marked for ease of use of the service. The Park & Ride monthly ticket can be purchased and extended at the Pulapromet branch at the bus station every day throughout the year. A card created or extended in the current month is valid from the day following the creation or extension. The monthly ticket includes parking for the vehicle and a bus ticket for the driver (10.60 EUR for the period from June 1 to September 30, and 7.60 EUR for the period from October 1 to May 31), while per vehicle, an additional four preferential monthly bus tickets can be purchased for passengers in the vehicle for 5.00 EUR per person.

Park & Ride is an integrated transport system that allows users of private vehicles to park in a safe location outside the city and travel directly to the centre via a high-frequency bus line. Although its main goals are to reduce city congestion and pollution, there are other advantages that make Park&Ride the optimal choice for traveling in the city center: P&R is generally a cheaper option than parking in the city, faster and reduces the stress of finding a free parking space in the city center.