Published: 13.3.2020.


With the reference on the emerging global spread and pandemic situation of COVID-19, PENTA d.o.o. makes a decision on temporary work of employees from home, i.e. remotely, and the decision comes into force on 13th March 2020.

The protection of the health of employees, partners and related persons is a priority for us and we closely monitor the further development of the situation and the recommendations of the competent authorities. Accordingly, travel abroad is delayed until further, but all planned business activities, operations will be carried out regularly, through online communication, conference calls, Skype, etc. If you need to visit us at the address, we definitely invite you to announce your arrival in advance.

Once again, we emphasize that PENTA will fulfill its obligations on a daily basis, and all departments (SW development, production and service, procurement, warehouse, accounting, marketing and sales, helpdesk) will respond promptly and resolve requests.

We continue to monitor developments of the coronavirus situation and we are convinced that through collective responsible behavior, we will overcome this anomalous emergency situation.