NSMART: 650 ticket validators for JGSP Novi Sad

Published: 15.4.2021.

NSMART: 650 ticket validators for JGSP Novi Sad

Photo Credit: Novosti.rs

The Novi Sad NSMART system of electronic payment and passenger information (JGSP Novi Sad) is in the final phase of implementation, and in May, it is expected that the entire system will be in whole operation, which will contribute to greater passenger satisfaction and thus facilitate driver work. Therefore, drivers will be exempt from ticket sales and will be focused exclusively on transport and passenger safety in traffic.

During the implementation of the project, PENTA delivered 650 ticket validators in three phases for the needs of the public carrier, all in cooperation with the system integrator - the company Bus Logic Doo from Požarevac, Serbia. Penta ticket validator VAL-M5C is a robust and compact, latest generation device designed to use in electronic fare collection of urban and suburban public transport. The device provides a simple, fast and safe contactless validation of tickets as follows: RFID card (Mifare/Mifare Plus/Desfire), NFC enabled mobile phone, 1D/2D barcode ticket, contactless credit card.

The introduction of electronic payment and passenger information aims to increase the number of users of public transport services in a way that these services are modernized and made more accessible to users by applying modern ICT solutions. NSMART electronic billing system not only raises the services of carriers to a significantly higher level, but the introduction of such a system is an opportunity to increase productivity and economy in business, as it allows system control and billing control, as well as control of the entire fleet.