Ensuring operational continuity, PENTA d.o.o.

Published: 23.3.2020.

Ensuring operational continuity, PENTA d.o.o.

After the World Health Organization declared a pandemic due to the COVID-19 virus and the Croatian Minister of Health issued a Decision declaring an epidemic in Croatia, PENTA takes all necessary steps to ensure its users smooth use of IT solutions/systems and protect employees from possible COVID-19 contagion.

Based on the first indicators of the spread of the epidemic in neighboring Italy, the Management Board is launching a Business Continuity Plan (BCP), which primarily includes prevention measures, and subsequently, it is decided that as of March 13, most PENTA`s employees are working from home and being provided with all the necessary conditions.

The development of the Business Continuity Plan is an essential step that every organization must take, and although many organizations avoid drafting it because of the complexity and the measures that it envisages, PENTA has been developing and maintaining BCP since 2014, in parallel with the introduction of an Information Security Management System (ISO 27001: 2013). The plan is maintained at least once a year, with the introduction of new processes and services, all with the aim of protecting employees, the value of the organization, increasing the organization's resilience to disruption, and compliance with laws, regulations and standards.

The Activated Plan of PENTA d.o.o. contains assurance of customer service through all business channels:

  • working remotely, taking into account the need to ensure business continuity (all communication and arrangements within the teams will be carried out smoothly;
  • for employees who will continue to work in the Penta`s office, health protection, enhanced space cleaning as well as disinfection are provided
  • all employees are available to the Management Board, as well as to users via mobile phones, as well as via online channels (skype, email, web meetings...)
  • customer support is available during business hours from 08:00 to 16:00, and for contracted maintenance customers, support is available as agreed
  • warehouse, delivery of goods continues to proceed smoothly, and shipments are sent by courier service according to customer's choice
  • duplication of resources in all business segments; the introduced information security management system prescribes working instructions for implementing Backup, as well as procedures and responsibilities
  • onsite business meetings are replaced by telephone and/or video conferences;
  • all business trips at home and abroad are postponed, and a strict recommendation for postponing private travel is introduced;
  • daily intranet communication and education is accessible to all employees, including all relevant information regarding the COVID19 pandemic and advice in line with recommendations issued by the competent authorities

Accordingly, we note that the business of PENTA d.o.o. is ongoing without interruption, in the ordinary course, and liquidity and solvency are not compromised. During the emergency measures adopted by the National Headquarters, the Croatian Institute of Public Health and the Ministry of Health, a crisis team of PENTA was organized, which monitors all instructions and official information and applies them within its organization. We continue to monitor the evolution of this emergency situation and will respond appropriately to ensure the orderly delivery of solutions, goods and services to our customers.