City pay machines in the parking lots in Pula

Published: 13.2.2024.

City pay machines in the parking lots in Pula

The city of Pula has taken a big step towards becoming a smart city by introducing City Pay payment machines in its parking lots. Developed by Penta and delivered for Pula Parking in collaboration with I4next Leasing Croatia, these self-service multi-purpose machines are a game-changer for anyone who wants to buy parking tickets or pay bills for city utility services. Through operational leasing, Pula Parking acquired fourteen multi-user and multi-purpose machines and thus continued the implementation of new digital solutions, all for the purpose of developing Pula as a smart city. The concept of a smart city is no longer foreign, cities strive for a vision of urban development that uses digital and communication technologies (ICT) and the Internet of Things (IoT), in order to better meet the needs of citizens and improve the efficiency of city services. Smart cities provide sustainability, resilience, the city increases the potential of individuals and communities, focuses on citizens and their needs, increases the economy, quality management, or optimal use of resources.

City pay is a two-sided machine that is placed in city parking lots and can be used by two people at the same time, which is extremely important in the tourist season when city parking lots often get crowded in front of payment machines. Payment at these machines is possible only with credit cards, which makes the provision of services fast and efficient, and end users do not have to worry about whether they have enough coins with them. The advantage for customers is certainly that there is no cost of collecting and processing cash. Penta's team of developers has developed software support for payment machines that enables the sale of hourly and daily zone parking tickets with the entry of vehicle registration numbers ("electronic ticket"), as well as the payment of issued daily parking tickets by reading the printed barcode. Furthermore, software support has been developed for double-sided machines, which enables the payment of bills of Pula utility companies and other bills issued by the City of Pula. By scanning the code from the bill, the City pay machine reads the data from the bill for, for example, gas, garbage collection or the utility fee, and displays the amount, and then the user submits a credit or debit card and pays the bill. A significant advantage for citizens is certainly the possibility of paying from 0-24 at 14 locations in the city, without commission. All user information can be displayed on the screen in four languages.

In the coming period, Pulapromet will also be included in the City pay system, and it will be possible to buy one-time tickets for public city transport of passengers, supplement value tickets and extend monthly tickets.

You can also find more about the City pay solution at the following link: