Shifts are a list of departures that the driver has to do in one working day.

All departures according to the timetable are grouped in internal lines, and each line has one to two shifts. Drivers are generally divided into crews of two, but it is possible that there is only one in the crew. Drivers are given the shifts of an internal line. Drivers generally are rotated so that the whole week one driver drives in the morning and another in the afternoon. On one day of the week they change the morning with the afternoon shift. There is also a case where, for example, there is only one driver on an internal line with only one shift. The internal line has a version for the work day, Saturday and Sunday because the departures do not drive every day but depend on the driving mode. Next month the crew rotates to the other internal line. This is set in the "Schedule Plan" screen where drivers are assigned internal lines at the beginning of the month or at the beginning of the new timetable so that, with the "Schedule" screen, the monthly schedule can be updated later on a daily basis.

That generated, if necessary, the corrected schedule is verified on the basis of the completed travel warrant where drivers fill in what they have done after the working day passes.