The feature of the timetables is that they can be imported from other systems as well.

The same are monitored by the area of traffic (city, suburban) and by type of day (working day, Saturday, Sunday).

Their status can be A-archive, R-works and P-preparation.

On the driver's computers are switched the current timetable and timetable that will be valid in the near future. This provides the required flexibility in the transfer that the timetable can be prepared in advance and transferred to the vehicles.

Timetables are divided by virtual buses which are later deployed to the actual vehicle in the driver and vehicle allocation module.

Timetable changes are regulated by a tabular time change or graphically by moving the line. With the function keys You can scroll (change time of departure and arrival time) on the graph, halfway, turnover, all times after the first movement and all times of one bus.

By generating timetables, all times of departures from the destination and the passing time of the standpoint are obtained.

It is also possible to show which lines are going through a certain stop and at which time the above occurs.

This detailed timetable of lines in the system is used to monitor the vehicle at the dispatch center, control the passage through the station on the driver's computer and announce the arrival of the stations, via SMS, WE