There are reports about speed overrun, dynamic road reconstruction, location report, mileage report and driving mode. All reports are selected for a specific vehicle or driver, or for multiple comparisons and subsequent analyzes.

In the reconstruction of the road chronologically can be seen where the vehicle is moving, the stations and the time pass through them, the display is tabular and graphically on the map and it is possible to interact with the dynamic change of the examination. Data export is also supported for Google Earth.

The location report shows the selected vehicles (or all) in relation to a predefined location or point of interest, and on the map you can see each other's location of vehicle at the selected time and allows you to animate the way and route of the vehicle, which is useful for, for example, in case of linked lines, because it clearly shows whether a particular bus is fast or late in arrival or departure.

Speed Overrun shows the list of exceeding a preset speed with time, location, duration, driver's name, line name and other traffic data, and is useful for monitoring and controlling the driver.

In the driving mode report, there is a noticeable change in speed, especially acceleration or braking, and it is easy to distinguish drivers that deviate significantly from the average.

The mileage report shows the crossed mileage with all traffic data for a given period.

All reports can be exported in Excel format.