The master data serves to use all of the application's functions.

By selecting the main menu 'Master data' you will see encryptions:

- Stations - locations with their attributes and GPS location are entered.

- Worker - entered and updated worker data. A driver card can also be created by which it is possible to log on to the driver computer.

- Relations - rights of passengers to drive from point 'A' to point 'B', on one or more lines. They are sold at selling spots and entered on the cards and in the database. The relation can consist of one segment (one bus ride from A to B) or multiple segments (transfering buses from A to C). For each relation, the start and end stations are entered.

- Legal entity - data on the legal entity are entered in order to associate the physical person with the legal entity

- Physical Person - by entering physical persons, information about passengers is entered. Entering schools, relations, categories of passengers and the place and municipality of residence is necessary for subsidies.

- Sale Points - serves to enter all sale points where tickets are sold. It also serves to view all loged in/loged out workers at selected/all sale points.

- Holidays and school breaks - are entered for determining the driving regime. School breaks are periods in the year when the timetable changes because the departures on the lines are reduced.

- Maps - the items being sold, the category of passengers and the type of ticket are entered

- Vehicle Equipment - serves to see which worker, when and from which vehicle has made transmitted of data, and with which data version and DCC program version did the driver drive.

- Method of payment - serves to select the payment method (cash, card).

- Subsidiaries - the legal entity which subsidizes the passengers is entered, the number of school days per month, the subsidy limit per kilometer, the subsidy for physical persons